Three Moms Share How They Pampered Themselves While Pregnant

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Pregnancy is a uniquely female experience in a multitude of ways. It takes strength, fortitude and lots of care. In fact, many women cite becoming pregnant as the time they decided to adopt cleaner eating, ditch their toxic personal care products or go organic. But taking care of yourself isn’t just about lifestyle habits that impact the growing baby inside of you. It’s also about the emotional habits and rituals that allow you to nurture yourself, and your baby by extension. To get ideas for how to take that self-care to the next level, we asked three moms to share how they pampered themselves while they were pregnant.

Three Moms Share How They Pampered Themselves While Pregnant

Allison Evans, Co-Founder of Branch Basics

“[I took a lot of] long walks while listening to podcasts of inspiring birth stories.” We suggest The Circle of Birth podcast to expecting moms.

Leah Robert, Co-Owner of SaltyGirl Beauty

“I LOVED getting my prenatal massages and facial. Heather, my massage therapist, works in this small, one-room studio and she is ABSOLUTELY calming and knew exactly what my body needed. I would get one every month until my 38th week and realized getting comfortable on a table was not possible (hehe). I saw Heather weeks weeks postpartum and picked up from where I left off… minus the belly. :)”

Tara Foley, Founder of Follain

“[I was generally being more gentle on myself—including things like more restorative prenatal yoga and prenatal massages!”

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