Three Moms Share How They Took Time for Self-Care Postpartum

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Being a mom is hard work, whether it’s your full-time gig or you manage motherhood on top of a career. It doesn’t let up—you don’t get sick days or paid vacation time. It requires so much of you, which is why it’s  important to also care for yourself in honoring ways. We asked three moms to share with us how they pampered themselves (in big or small ways) postpartum. No matter if you’re a new mom or you’ve got a full brood, you’ll want to take advantage of their tips.

Three Moms Share How They Took Time for Self-Care Postpartum

Lisa Fennessey, Founder & Blogger at This Organic Girl

“Postpartum can hit people differently, at different times and in different ways. For me, I knew I was up for the job of caring for a little one but what I didn’t realize was how physically and EMOTIONALLY exhausting it would be to bring a little one into the world. It was tremendously overwhelming being responsible for someone else in every shape and form. This felt really lonely and brought on feelings of guilt, doubt and comparison.

What really helped me maintain my mental health was making a friend. I joined a mom’s group when my little one was just three weeks old. It was so nice going to this weekly group to talk and listen to others. This helped me see that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts, fears, guilt and struggles. It helped to bounce ideas off others and gave me a sense of pride and confidence that YEAH! I was really doing this and doing it well!

Six years later, one of these moms is still one of my best friends. For the next five years, we still met to have playdates every week (then I moved to Atlanta from Boston). I will always be thankful for this dear friend who helped me transition into motherhood with grace. I miss you Jess!”

Sarah Kelly, Co-Owner of SaltyGirl Beauty

“I tried to get as much rest as I could (which is always near impossible, but so important), and tried to get outside for small walks. Most importantly, I let other people help me which is sometimes hard for me to do.”

Kelly Love, Co-Founder of Branch Basics

“For two weeks, I slept until 1 or 2 p.m. and didn’t feel guilty about it! I only woke to eat and nurse, both of which I did in bed because a family member brought my food and daughter to me.”

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