Understanding the 7 Chakras and How They Can Help You Heal

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In the world of wellness and healing, “chakra” is a term being thrown around a lot. As in, “clear your chakras and you’ll solve all your problems.” Okay, so it’s maybe not that extreme, but we’ve seen many a celeb and lay person jump on the chakra bandwagon—and because we think it’s important to understand the foundations of trends before we adopt them, we chatted with Nikki Novo, best-selling author, intuitive dating coach and certified hypnotherapist, about why chakras are so important (and yes, how they can really contribute to your holistic healing!).

What Is a Chakra?

According to Nikki, chakras are “energy centers throughout your body that represent an emotional, spiritual or physical state of being.” They’re an energetic wheel through which prana, or life force, circulates.

Why Are Chakras Important?

In order to feel centered, says Nikki, our bodies need to have a healthy flow of energy. “If a chakra is blocked, the flow is blocked, therefore causing internal chaos.” When we release those blockages by becoming familiar with our chakras and spotting imbalances, we can use our chakras to open up areas of our lives that once felt stuck, she says.

That’s why the wellness world touts chakras as powerful ways to promote healing—they change the way the energy moves through our bodies and give us more access to our health.

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Understanding the 7 Chakras

Each chakra is associated with a color found in the rainbow. When we understand them, we gain access to a better understanding of ourselves and we can better relate to our surrounding environment. Utilizing the power of chakras is a little like tapping into the well of wisdom that your body holds. By diving into each chakra and its associations, you can feel what resonates with you—and take each chakra’s spiritual activity as a way to help clear whatever blocks you’re feeling, to live a more vibrant life.

Root Chakra

Color: Red

Location: Base of the spine

Qualities: Patience, structure, survival, stability, security, the ability to manifest your dreams, roots

Life Issues: To value the material as sacred, to find trust in place of despair, to persevere

Spiritual Activities (helpful in clearing the chakra): Noticing the beauty and perfection of the natural world

Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Location: Two inches below the navel and two inches into the pelvis

Qualities: Well-being, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, abundance, creativity, boundaries

Life Issues: To know what you are and what you do is enough; to have enough rest, food, exercise, fun and money; to not link self-world with what you do or have

Spiritual Activities (helpful in clearing the chakra): Meditation, celibacy, fasting

Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: Yellow

Location: Directly below the sternum and over the stomach

Qualities: Self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, personal power, personal freedom

Life Issues: To develop a strong and resilient self-esteem, to know you are worthy simply because you exist

Spiritual Activities (helpful in clearing the chakra): Leadership programs, psychotherapy, amateur dramatics, appreciating solitude

Heart Chakra

Color: Green

Location: Middle of the chest

Qualities: Love, relationships, vulnerability, our ability to be open, acceptance

Life Issues: To let love be the center of your life

Spiritual Activities (helpful in clearing the chakra): Learning to love yourself first, open your heart, prayer, healing, music

Throat Chakra

Color: Blue/Turquoise

Location: The internal and external throat

Qualities: Communication, self-expression, truthfulness, integrity

Life Issues: To express your highest truth

Spiritual Activities (helpful in clearing the chakra): Chanting, journaling, public speaking, writing

Third Eye Chakra

Color: Indigo

Location: Between the eyebrows

Qualities: Wisdom, discernment, imagination, knowledge, intuition

Life Issues: To focus your intelligence, to know what is right and wrong for you; to channel your wisdom and share

Spiritual Activities (helpful in clearing the chakra): Reading positive books or watching positive films, reflection, visualization, clarity

Crown Chakra

Color: White/Violet

Location: Top of the skull

Qualities: Oneness, spirituality, connection to God

Life Issues: Realization of your connection to all that is; relationship with the divine

Spiritual Activities (helpful in clearing the chakra): Prayer, meditation

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