Want to Help Victims of the California Fires? Where to Donate for Impact

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Since November 8, the world has watched in disbelief as the California fires have engulfed massive swaths of the state. The Camp Fire, north of Sacramento, and Woolsey Fire, close to Los Angeles, have ravaged the earth and properties, while impacting countless lives in California.

The Camp Fire has been named the deadliest fire in California’s history. With more than 130,000 acres burned in the northern California fire, and close to 10,000 homes burned (at last count) between the two blazes, communities have been destroyed and the loss of life—human and animal—is heart-wrenching.

At the time this article was written, more than 600 people were deemed missing. For those watching and reading the horrific details, donating resources to those in need is the most effective way to help these victims. Here are some of the most reputable charities helping those affected by the California fires.

California Fire Foundation

Provide aid to victims who have lost everything in the Camp and Woolsey fires.


Help get items in high demand to those families fallen victim to the California fires who need bottles, diapers, wipes and more for their children.

Humane Society of Ventura County

Help care for displaced animals—both domestic pets and livestock.

Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation

Support emergency response initiatives and local shelters caring for displaced animals from the California fires.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Long-term support for low-income residents affected by the fires.

Los Angeles Fire Department

Support the firefighters who are fighting the California fires. Donations fund equipment, supplies, training and youth programs.

Salvation Army

Provide meal services to evacuation centers sheltering evacuees.

North Valley Community Foundation

A Chico-based organization raising money for organizations sheltering evacuees, including shelters, churches and evacuation centers.

For more information on highly rated organizations and for transparency into how your donations impact the victims of the California fires, Charity Navigator is a valued resource. In addition, GoFundMe has organized a page to monitor crowdfunding relief efforts for victims.

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