Ways to Stay Healthy On the Go: Snacks, Meals + Accessories For Your Busiest Days

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The best days start with the healthiest of intentions: Wake up, hydrate, work out and eat a protein-packed breakfast bursting with the colors of the rainbow for optimum nutrient density. But what happens when real life gets in the way? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite on-the-go meals and snacks to ensure no matter where your day finds you fueling up (looking at you, commuter train/cubicle/computer keyboard), you’ll be nourishing your body while satisfying your taste buds on the go. How’s that for a wellness win-win?


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Mega Food
Support your healthy meals with supplements to help keep your body on track—especially during those hectic days. By pairing minerals and vitamins with whole foods (veggies, herbs, grains and fruits) in their supplements, Mega Food ensures optimal potency and delivery for health. With Certified B Corp and Certified Glyphosate Residue Free designations, Mega Food is committed to maintaining relationships with all of its farmers so it knows exactly what they’re putting in their products—part of their “Big T Transparency” promise. Did we mention they make gummy vitamins? Perfectly portable—and yummy—for when you’re on the move.


Photo courtesy of aha Pure Foods.


aha Pure Foods
Comfort food in a jar meets the healing power of plants: aha Pure Foods are plant-based soups with just the right amount of spices and vegetables to keep you fueled, happy and healthy (reminder: cold and flu season is right around the corner!) on the go. Wherever you heat and eat these meals made with healing intention, you’ll be doing your tastebuds a favor. Just throw a jar in your bag and heat it in the office microwave for a delicious, does-a-body-good lunch.

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Elemental Superfood
Just the essentials, please: Only whole, raw ingredients like seeds, nuts, honey and dried fruit are used in Elemental Superfood snack bars and crumbles. Inspired by her daughter’s food allergies, founder Nicole Anderson is committed to steering clear of unhealthy ingredients and allergens so commonly found in processed foods. The result is delicious, wholesome snack options that not only taste great, but won’t cause a mid-day sugar crash. Stash some of these in your purse or desk drawer for a healthy pick-me-up on the go.


Photo courtesy of Drizzle Me Skinny.


Kodiak Cakes
Hands up if you book your AirBnB and immediately start planning which meals you’ll cook while on vacation! For those of us who do it out of love or necessity to maintain our health away from home, Kodiak Cakes makes on-the-go adventuring easy with whole grain baking mixes, toaster waffles, flapjacks and oatmeal-based breakfasts in a cup. A commitment to conservation initiatives and tasty mixes still made by hand make this family-owned business a delicious addition to your carry-on luggage.


Photo courtesy of Runa.

This line of energy drinks is based on guayusa, a plant grown in the Amazon with naturally occurring caffeine and polyphenols that release slowly in the body—resulting in sustained energy (bye bye, post-coffee crash!). With USDA Organic, Fair Trade and B Corp certifications, Runa is committed to supporting the Kichwa farmers who tend to the guayusa. Available in sweetened and unsweetened options, these energy drinks are the perfect add to your tote, gym bag or desk for a longer lasting, on the go pick-me-up.


Photo courtesy of SkinTe.

A line of collagen-infused tea drinks, SkinTe was founded by a chef, a natural + herbal medicine doctor and a business guru who wanted to create delicious drinks that added a boost to skin, hair and nails. The trio have created a collection of drinks with the goal of nourishing joints, improving digestion and helping to ease achy muscles, along with promoting healthy outward appearances. Sip this during that dreaded meeting to give your body a beauty boost—and some stress-busting antioxidants.


Photo courtesy of Bellabeat.

Rushing from one appointment to another can mean your hydration goals fall by the wayside. Before you know it, you’re fighting a nagging headache, your lips are parched and your energy level has waned—sure signs that you need more water. Enter the Spring water bottle by Bellabeat. This glass bottle features smart technology that uses your age, weight, height, activity level and local weather conditions—along with if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding—to calculate your water intake goals. Then it logs them and alerts you when it’s time to drink, and how much. It’s like the little hydration angel on your shoulder, in a sleek, portable water bottle design.


This post was published in conjunction with WELL Summit partners. Looking for more good-for-you snacks to take on the go? Try our three nutritious lunch ideas and our five snacks to toss in your bag for a post-workout boost.

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