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We Asked Five Women What Black History Means to Them

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Every February, the United States celebrates Black History Month and brings much-needed awareness to the history, contributions, and accomplishments of Black Americans. To help celebrate Black History Month, we asked five women what Black History means to them. We hope you can find some inspiration in their words.

Ashley Ladd, Program Manager, Women@HubSpot

To me, Black History Month means a celebration of culture, influence, innovation, and progress. A time to reflect on the contributions made and the hardships we’ve faced as black people. This month serves as an intentional reminder that we are all types of excellent, magical and our light shines brighter now than ever before. I choose to be hopeful when celebrating Black History Month and ensure that I proudly stand in my blackness each and every day. If you need me, I’ll be listening to BROWN SKIN GIRL on repeat 👋🏾

Quiana Agbai, Communicator/Connector/Consultant

Black history to me means legacy. Not just honoring my ancestors, but also looking ahead to how my family and I can impact black history. I firmly believe black history is every day, and I long for when it is fully incorporated in the education of all children in schools instead of being simply aside for a single (and shortest) month of the year. For now, I make sure to instill pride in my children so they understand our roots and show others how black history is indeed American history. If you want to join this journey follow @hereweeread and @weneediversebooks on Instagram. Representation really does matter!

Kellie Beach Sims, Founder, and Creator (The Harmony Planners and The Reimagined Mom)

To me, Black History Month means a dedicated time to learn, reflect and celebrate the contributions of African Americans on US History. Black history is oftentimes not well known and February is a time to learn and bring awareness to those contributions. Black History Month is also a time for reflection. It’s special to look back and highlight people and events that helped shape American History. Having a dedicated month to black history is something to be proud of because it sheds light on the impact the African-American community had and has on US culture and history.

Natasha Forrest, Fitness/Nutrition Coach

To me, Black History Month means… a time of reflection on historical events; highlighting black excellence in every field of study and walks of life. It’s an opportunity to come together in celebration of the innovation and style of black people. Their remarkable contributions throughout history have set a bar that invokes creativity in the present and future generations.

Alicia Williams, Diversity and Inclusion Partner

Black History Month to me means to acknowledge the impact Black people have had and continue to have on culture (both American culture and globally). Black culture is extremely influential and sets the standard for many industries that we don’t always get credit for. BHM gives us an opportunity to display these accolades. It means to celebrate and reflect on how far we’ve come and how far there is left to go. And it also means to be SEEN. I absolutely LOVE the products, the commercials, and the sense of pride that I feel during Black History Month.

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