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Photo courtesy of Independent.ie

Well+Good Announces Acquisition—Here’s What You Need to Know About the Future of the Wellness Website

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What happens when one of the top influencers in wellness takes it to the next level? They get the opportunity to reach 36 million people a month, for starters. Well+Good, the chic editorial and trend-setting website company that helped usher in a new era in wellness, has announced its acquisition by Leaf Group Ltd. this week. The buyout positions Well+Good alongside health go-to livestrong.com (also owned by Leaf Group Ltd.) to create a digital juggernaut ready to address today’s growing wellness industry.

The aim of the acquisition is to keep all of the personality of Well+Good while continuing to grow its influence; in fact, the Well + Good founders will continue to oversee daily operations for its brand, while the Livestrong team will do the same for theirs, respectively.“We are excited about the opportunity to address what will be hands-down the largest audience of wellness-focused consumers in the women’s lifestyle category,” says Alexia Brue, GM and SVP of Leaf Group’s Fitness & Wellness Group. “Together, Well+Good and Livestrong will demystify and define what wellness is—and how our readers can easily add healthy habits to their lives.”

For many who are passionate about wellness, Well+Good has been a constant source of inspiration, information and often a go-to source for what’s new in the wellness industry. The goal is to continue to generate that quality content that keeps readers coming back. “We will continue to declare wellness trends and do seriously great and fun reporting on really interesting topics in the wellness and fitness space,” says Melisse Gelula, SVP of Brand for Leaf Group’s Fitness & Wellness Group. “Wellness is cultural currency right now, and it’s also the thing that makes our super plugged-in, no-time-for-myself lives manageable. So we see that the appetite for a wellness intervention is huge in this country right now with an increasingly broad swath of people.”

With its ability to now reach 36 million unique visitors a month, Well+Good is uniquely poised to do even better what it’s always done: bring the latest in wellness into our homes—and our daily lives.

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Amy Flyntz

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