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Wellness Influencer Spotlight: Meet Ana Alarcon

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Fitness marketing professional, boxing instructor and health writer Ana Alarcon is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Passionate about growing and nurturing the fitness community in her hometown of Boston, Ana puts her skills to good use running events and teaching a number of classes.

Two years ago, she created a fitness Instagram account to keep herself accountable. Just one short year later, she realized that fitness and health was her passion and she decided to create a website where she could share her experience and tips to hopefully empower others to live a healthier lifestyle.

But what makes her tick and how did she manage to carve out a place for herself in the industry? Like this.

Wellness Influencer Spotlight: Meet Ana Alarcon

Name: Ana Alarcon

Website: AnaGoesFit.com

Social: @anagoesfit on Instagram

Why should someone follow you?

Plant-based and active lifestyle tips.

What drives you?

Seeing others changing habits into healthier ones, and striving to be better keeps me motivated every day.

Has that goal behind your site shifted since you started?

It hasn’t change much! I still believe in sharing my own experience but now I also feature others’ success on my page.

What surprises have you run into along the way?

Learning curves! Some months are super easy and others aren’t. Every day I am learning something new, from photography to new blogging trends.

What do you think makes you stand out in the wellness world?

My view in health is moving everyone into a plant-based lifestyle, and that everything starts from the inside. I believe in more natural products, and use as minimal chemicals as possible, but also am active!

Any advice for us?

Walk. For real. Go for a walk, you will calm down, clear your mind and your blood starts flowing. So many benefits!

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