Courtesy @eats2know.
Courtesy @eats2know.

Wellness Influencer Spotlight: Meet Dana Harrison

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Dana Harrison is a nutritionist, educator and spin instructor who runs @eats2know on Instagram. Her philosophy is to eat, move, love and learn—it’s all a balancing act. Whether you’re a firefighter, college student, or working mom, her goal is to help others find that balance through health and wellness, with a concentration on nutrition education. So what drives her and why did she even start her influencer account? Read on to find out.

Wellness Influencer Spotlight: Meet Dana Harrison

Name: Dana Harrison


Social: @eats2know on Instagram

What’s your influencer origin story?

I started my social account in winter of 2015 just because everyone kept telling me to. I didn’t understand social media or know what a hashtag was, but I knew that I wanted to create an open and honest space dedicated to all things health and wellness. I wanted to motivate others, share my story, and learn from others. I thrive on connection and my goals were to find like-minded individuals; educate others; and as a pioneer in a niche, I wanted to promote my new line of work as a nutritionist for fire departments.

Why should someone follow you?

A balanced approach to health and wellness. No fuss. Just real talk.

What drives you?

The connection with my audience and knowing that I’m making a positive difference through a screen is what drives me to keep up with my social media account. Sometimes we don’t realize that, regardless of us trying that we have an impact on others. I’m trying to make mine count on social media. Start open and honest conversations, knowing that some might be uncomfortable; share a new recipe or nutrition tip that helps someone improve their diet; motivate others to work hard for that dream job. I have a voice, so I’m using it, and I encourage others to use theirs for the better as well.

Has that goal behind your site shifted since you started?

I originally started my page to create an online presence and reach a broader fire community with my nutrition message. I realized that my account attracted an even broader community for those interested in nutrition education and having conversations about food and its impact on our health (both mentally and physically). Once I started connecting with my audience, my page evolved into something that I always wanted but didn’t know if I could have—it wasn’t a page solely focused on nutrition, but a page with a balanced approach to all things health and wellness, one that challenges the norm and causes us to think and share our thoughts without judgment. I’ve created a community—a tribe.

What surprises have you run into along the way?

Finding those like-minded individuals and helping others on a larger scale than I thought would be possible. I’ve also created some great job opportunities through social media due to my online presence.

What do you think makes you stand out in the wellness world?

My no fuss/keep it real, while staying positive personality. I’m the same person on my social media account that I am outside of it. I’m striving for balance myself. What you see is really what you get, and I think that can be hard to come by these days. I’m also a big fan of truly connecting and communicating with my audience. My page isn’t just for me; it’s for the community I’ve built. Sometimes people are surprised when I respond to most comments and all direct messages, which only makes me surprised. If I’m on social media, I’m giving it my all by connecting with others (all while setting those time limits, because #balance). We are so much more than our phones, but when I’m behind a screen I want to make it count.

Any advice for us?

I always try to go back to the basics, the simple stuff. Sometimes we make health and wellness, especially nutrition, so much harder than it has to be. Find what works for you, and remember that you are the best advocate for your health. You do you.

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