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Wellness Influencer Spotlight: Meet Sarita Coren

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Meet Sarita Coren, a holistic mama on a quest to live clean. In 2013, she launched Edible Facial, her original blog, to cover holistic living and natural beauty because at the time she felt as though she had integrated a lot of information based on her experiences with raising her children in a wellness-oriented framework. She wanted to share the resources that had worked for her family in order to help and serve others.

Now, she’s a well-known wellness influencer and we’re giving you a little peek into her behind the scenes. Read on to find out more about what inspires her and why you should follow along on her journey.

Wellness Influencer Spotlight: Meet Sarita Coren

Name: Sarita Coren


Social: @saritacoran on Instagram and Twitter

Why should someone follow you?

Green beauty and wholesome living, as well as self-realization and discovery.

What drives you?

I love to empower people with knowledge and information that will help them grow forward.

Has that goal behind your site shifted since you started?

Green beauty is only the launching pad that has brought me to this time and space but I want to take my content deeper and explore other areas of wellness and holistic living that can’t be painted with a brush stroke.

What surprises have you run into along the way?

That my blog and social media platforms took off at all! Biggest and most wonderful surprise ever.

What do you think makes you stand out in the wellness world?

This is a hard question for an introvert to answer! I typically shy away from standing out, but I think that in writing, what stands out is that I care about people in a genuine way and sincerely want to help others discover what’s best for them. I love empowering people with choices that lead them on their own path of discovery.

Any advice for us?

Listen within.

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