What You Should Know About Your Mitochondrial Health—And Why You Should Care

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Are you eating right, exercising, sleeping well and hydrating but still feel tired or run down? Are you finding it harder to recover quickly from workouts, despite being in great physical shape? Do you notice fine lines and wrinkles creeping up on your face that weren’t visible five or 10 years ago?

If you’re like me, your first instinct is to blame Father Time. You age up, and your body reminds you every day through physical signs and symptoms. While it’s true you can’t completely stop the hands of time, it is possible to age “better”—by taking care of your body at the cellular level, from the inside out.

Mitochondria: Your Body’s Powerplant

Every person on this Earth is made up of trillions of cells. And inside nearly all of these cells are tiny organelles called mitochondria. Mitochondria are the tiny powerplants that live inside your cells, combining the food you eat with the air you breathe to create the energy your body needs to power you through life. Every single function your body performs to keep you alive and healthy requires this energy; and mitochondria play an essential role in supplying it. Mitochondria also help neutralize free radicals, which are “waste” by-products of the cellular energy production process and which can cause a whole range of problems if not kept in check.

Your body is a high-performance feat of engineering, but over time, things in your body can start to run slower. In fact, once you reach 30 years of age, your mitochondria can start to slow down and produce less power—declining at a rate of about 10 percent with each passing decade. When the mitochondria start to slow down, so do we. We become more tired, are more vulnerable to illness and take longer to recover.

How to Boost Your Mitochondria for Optimal Health

Fortunately, there’s a new way to help keep your mitochondria in top form so that your body is working as efficiently as possible. Enter the newest “super supplement,” MitoQ. MitoQ is the first and only CoQ10 antioxidant supplement that can penetrate the very secure mitochondrial membrane in significant quantities to act directly in the mitochondria.

MitoQ is a unique form of CoQ10—an antioxidant the body naturally makes—that it uses to help create cellular energy and neutralize free radicals. No other part of the body creates or uses CoQ10, so it stands to reason that, in order to be really effective, a CoQ10 supplement must get inside the mitochondria.

CoQ10 supplements have widely been studied and recommended by healthcare professionals for years. But the majority of the available CoQ10 supplements are too large to penetrate the mitochondrial membrane—meaning that most of the benefits of CoQ10 are absorbed into the bloodstream. MitoQ is the ONLY CoQ10 supplement that has the ability to get into the mitochondria, where the body needs it most. In fact, studies show that MitoQ can deliver CoQ10 into the mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than any other form of CoQ10 antioxidant supplement.

When your mitochondria are functioning at their best, your body feels more energized, you are more resilient to illness and your mental focus and general wellbeing improve. By unlocking a way to supplement mitochondrial health and improve their performance, MitoQ has opened up a way to support human health on a whole new level.

This is so important because when our mitochondria are not functioning at their best, it can lead to serious health conditions. In fact, in the developed world, this includes seven of the top 10 health conditions that are most costly to human life! Mitochondrial health is something that should be an integral part of everyone’s long term health strategy.

We are thrilled to have a presence at the WELL Summit this year for the first time. As a company, we are committed to promoting and supporting the health and wellness of individuals at every stage of their lives. Whether you’re a busy stay-at-home mom trying to juggle the demands of your family and home life, a driven career professional working long hours and trying to achieve balance, or maybe a blend of the two, your mitochondrial health is important to helping you accomplish everything you need and want to in life.

About The Author

John Marshall

John Marshall

John Marshall is the chief marketing officer of MitoQ, a New Zealand-based biotech company that has discovered the first and only CoQ10 antioxidant supplement that can act directly inside the mitochondria, the "powerhouse" of the human cell, helping them to stay healthy and continue to supply the power our bodies need to live and thrive.John has over 25 years experience in brand-building and is passionate about being involved in causes that promote healthy living and helps people get the best out of themselves.As a cancer survivor himself, John is very committed to personal health and wellbeing, as well as supporting others to live their best life possible. A keen and committed endurance cyclist, he can often be found riding his bike through high mountain ranges, raising money for cancer research.John describes the opportunity to combine his passion for living a long and fulfilling life, with telling inspirational stories about extraordinary, everyday people—as "a very personal and important mission."

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