What’s your 2020 Business Goal?

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Entrepreneurship is a journey. Whether you are looking to start or grow your business, having goals gives you a destination. To provide you with some inspiration, we asked five entrepreneurs about their 2020 business goals. Here’s what they had to say.

Sarah Kelly, SaltyGirl Beauty

Our Big Audacious Goal is to empower more women to feel and look their best while living their one precious life! We see the key to achieving this goal is growing our retail partnerships. We ended 2019 with 36 retail partners and our goal is to end 2020 with 100 retail partners.

Kathryn Dickinson, Aillea

Innovative Growth. I would love to expand AILLEA in 2020 through our existing channels but by building true connections with the community and to find really unique and exciting ways to bring clean beauty to EVERYONE!

Kristina Tsipouras, Moroccan Magic Clean Beauty

To go big. No more playing small and not always showing up as my true authentic self. I now grow my business on my own terms, not the way I think I am supposed to be doing it or the norms of the industry. We are writing our own rules and creating MAGIC! Also launching our Clean Beauty haircare + SPF collection this Summer and having some fun along the way 🙂 After 4.5 years in business, the priorities have definitely changed and I am trying to enjoy the journey more rather than just focusing on the destination!

Sabeen Zia, Muskaan Makeup

So many goals! I’d like to grow the brand by exposing it to more clients who appreciate a high-quality clean formula! I would love to introduce Muskaan Makeup to unique retailers who appreciate all over the country to bring in to their shops. Hoping to meet this goal so I can expand the brand with more products.

Yai Vargas, The Latinista

My 2020 goal is to go from a transactional a la carte business to developing and maintaining more retainer clients. As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to maintain a constant high-energy level of business development. With retainer contracts, I will be able to plan out my entire year and focus on delivering programming.

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