What’s your word for 2020? Eight Wellness Experts Weigh In.

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The New Year is often a time of reflection. And not only is 2020 a new year, but it’s also a new decade! You’ve heard of vision boarding, journaling, and have probably made some New Year’s resolutions. You may have even seen your friends or people you follow on Insta announcing their “word for 2020”.

We asked some of our favorite wellness experts what one word or concept they wanted to connect with in 2020. Something that inspires, motivates and pushes them forward to achieve their goals. Having a theme for the year helps you to reinforce intentions and can be a powerful motivator. Here’s what eight wellness experts are saying about their word for 2020.

Shirin Eskandani, Life Coach and Founder of Wholehearted Coaching


For me, this year is about being bold and vibrant. I want to take risks that feel right and follow my intuition wherever she may lead me. Daring reminds me to use my voice, trust myself and expand into possibility.

Jessica Diaz, Fitness Instructor/ Energy Healer

Simplify (back to the basics).

2020 is the year of “simplifying” for me and turning back to the basics when it comes to my health routine. This year, I am turning inward more to what feels right; going back to a simpler wellness life process of whole foods, moving my body, drinking water, getting sleep, dropping the “quick fixes” and devoting more time to self-care.

Amanda Light, WELL Summit Community Manager


Strength means a few different things to me this year. I want to be strong, physically. I want to make my body a better, stronger version regardless of the number on the scale. Strength also means the will to power through tough days that might mentally break me if I let them. The strength to know what I can change and what I cannot, where to focus my energy. I also want to be strong, in that I can conquer fears like putting myself out there in a couple of different ways. 2020, to me, means STRENGTH.

Rachel Kaczynski, Wellness Writer, and Health Coach


This year, I want to feel rooted in all areas of my life — from my career to my personal relationships. To me, being rooted means establishing myself further in my career as a wellness writer, making time to develop & nurture meaningful, long-lasting friendships, and growing roots by purchasing our first home for our sweet little family! By getting rooted, I’ll continue to build a strong foundation for myself to learn and grow!

Heather K. Terry, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer


The projects I am working on are heating up, so is the planet. They happen to directly relate to one another as the brands I work with are engaging in sustainable practices and doing everything we can to institute positive change for business and the planet.

Christine Michel Carter, Author


It’s scary because I didn’t choose the word, the word chose me. Out of 100 contemplation cards, I chose it twice on two different occasions with my yoga teacher, and then it appeared in my Pinterest feed without me ever mentioning it or typing it on my iPhone. It fits because I have high anxiety, which stems from having high expectations. This year I want to be happy, which means I have to let go of the fact that people do not share the same mind and heart. I must start with myself and be the person I can be proud of, be an example, and show respect and understanding.

Pilin Anice, Movement & Wellness Leader


I chose this word because synchronicities are little miracles that show up when we are at ease and connected to our deep spiritual intelligence. In 2020, I want to be fully in alignment with purpose and synchronicity indicates flow is present!

Amanda Woolf, Fitness Coach


I believe that you cannot reach your goal unless you first create a vision of where you want to be.

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