Why ‘Functional Skincare’ Could Help Calm Your Busy Life

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How often are we working on one task at a time? Rare to never. The majority of us are multi-tasking in so many areas of our lives, from home and meal prep, to work, events, traveling and family. To balance our busy schedules, we need products that support our multi-tasking lifestyle. Does it make a lot of sense to open your medicine cabinet and glance at more than 20 products to figure out what you’ll be using for the day? No! Many of us don’t have that luxury—or that time. That’s where functional skincare comes in.

Keep reading to learn more about how functional skincare can help you declutter and calm your busy life.

The skincare market is saturated with specific usage products such as eye serum, lip conditioner, hair oil, hand balm and foot cream. How many products do we need to cover a sustaining skincare regimen, not to mention the cost associated with purchasing and replenishing all of these products? Even if you have the money, do you have the time to use all of these products on a regular basis? Probably not. It might even may be a deterrent to care for your skin since it can become time consuming to run through all the steps.

We’re already living in a culture where we’re scheduling into our calendars time for self-care. For some of us, the thought of taking time out to listen to our bodies and care for our skin can be daunting. What’s more, using several products simultaneously doesn’t always return the results you desire. We’re spending more money on more products, and we’re still not getting the outcomes we want.

What is Functional Skincare

Enter functional skincare, or products that are all in one, serve a range of purposes and can easily be used on many areas of the body, even your hair. Functional skincare takes a minimalist approach, without short cutting performance. Instead, functional skincare helps ensure results through high-performing ingredients that will be as effective as any other specific-use product. You’ll walk out the door faster and feel better about what you’re using.

Skincare does not have to be overwhelming, making you feel like you can only achieve radiant skin through the use of several different products. Functional skincare elevates routines by simplifying the process. And by simplifying the process of your getting-ready routine each day, you’ll find yourself calmer and more ready to multi-task in other areas of your life.

A bonus advantage to functional skincare? It’s extremely travel friendly, making travel bags lighter and skin care regimens simpler.

How to Add Functional Skincare to Your Routine

At your next clean beauty shopping spree, look for multi-purpose products. We’re talking butters you can use for your body and face, as a scalp conditioner or leave-in conditioner, or for calming newly shaved or waxed skin. Functional skincare in its truest form is effective and multi-purpose.

Another way to add functional skincare to your routine is to look at the products you already have in your cabinet. What could you use as both a moisturizer for your face and as a reparative treatment for your cuticles? Or what lip color could be easily turned into a cheek color, for a fall flush? All it takes is a shift in perspective to see your products as doing more than single-duty. And then, when it comes time to purchase something new, look for a product that, by its nature, serves more than one purpose.

When life gets busy (because it will) and you have that one product that does it all, you can take a deep sigh because you’ve just gotten closer to attainable self-care.

Intrigued by minimalism? Here’s why it can be good for your mental health.

About The Author

Far Momin

Far Momin

Far Momin, an NYC native, struggled with years of hyper sensitive skin issues. Cosmetics and skincare products with their extensive list of unknown ingredients did not help her situation. She was a regular visitor at the dermatologist and went through countless so called "miracle" products until she became concerned over her skin health in 2014 and took a deeper look into the industry. Seeking natural alternatives, Far learned the craft of plant-based skincare. Since then, Far made several lifestyle changes to meet her growing wellness journey, from launching her skincare business she plants love to uprooting from NYC and moving to New England. Far believes less is more, hence she launched her line with one product to date.



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