Why You Should Add Dry Brushing to Your Detox Routine

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Spring is on the horizon (even if Mother Nature keeps hitting us with snowstorms) and spring = detox. Our bodies are ready to get moving in more ways than one, and adding dry brushing to your detox routine can be super beneficial for helping increase blood flow and support your lymphatic system. Danielle Conte, ardent yogi and founder of Conscious Coconut, incorporated the practice into her everyday ritual years ago, so we checked in with her for tips for getting the most out of the practice.

On Why Dry Brushing Works

Danielle, who began her career in investment banking, but dropped everything to head to Bali in search of happiness, balance, and to catch up on years of sleep, says, “Dry brushing boosts circulation, sweeps away dead skin cells, stimulates the lymph nodes, improves digestion, improves the appearance of cellulite, and helps the cells and body in general remove waste. It also acts as a shot of espresso to your body!”

She also considers it an act of self-care. “​For me, dry brushing crosses a bunch of things off my self-love to do list. It encourages me to slow down, show gratitude to my body and to detox​. And the simple, multi-tasking duo of coconut oil and dry brushing will impress you with how quickly ailments can turn around from skin issues to digestion. Setting aside 5-10 minutes three times a week for dry brushing is a great way to make your health and wellness a priority without spending a lot of time or money.”

Danielle Conte.

On How to Properly Dry Brush

In order to get the maximum benefit, Danielle recommends dry brushing in the morning, rather than before bed, to capitalize on the practice’s energizing qualities. She also suggests using coconut oil while dry brushing to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

“After a hot shower, while the pores are still open, apply coconut oil head to toe,” Danielle recommends. “Start at your feet and brush upward towards the heart. The chest area is where the lymph system drains. Similarly, when you start on your arms, begin at the hands and work upward. Use firm, small strokes upwards, or work in a circular motion. For the stomach, work in a counterclockwise pattern. Harsh exfoliation is never the point; be sure not to press too hard, or use too-stiff of a brush.”

On What Type of Brush to Use

“Choose medium soft bristles for your skin brush for gentleness,” says Danielle. “we don’t want to break the skin! And of course, 100% organic Conscious Coconut Oil works beautifully for this.”

On How We Can Take Better Care of Ourselves Every Day

“Get outdoors! Many of us live a fast-paced, technology-packed lifestyle,” Danielle says. “Between work, kids, cooking and cleaning, watching television, and social media, we’re spending 90 percent of our time indoors. If I’m stressed or feeling icky just a breathe of fresh air brings me back to a good space. Whether I work outside on the patio, walk a few blocks to a store, take a walk around the neighborhood or bike on a trail, I aim for an hour outside every day.”

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Nicolle Mackinnon

Stemming from her personal journey to treat her celiac disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Nicolle serves as a writer and editor for several leading publications helping women understand how important, stylish and fun it is to commit to clean beauty. By way of her contributions to No More Dirty Looks, Thoughtfully Magazine and numerous beauty brands' blogs, websites and social media, Nicolle has become a trusted voice on the correlation between health and beauty. Follow her journey on Instagram and connect with her via nicollemackinnon.com.

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