Why You Should Use Superfoods In Your Skincare Routine (Plus an At-Home Technique for Smooth Skin—Move Over, Gua Sha!)

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My connection to plants and nature started early in life. Having lived in France as a kid, I spent a lot of my time in lavender and rosemary fields. Farm to table cuisine, strong flavors, including coffee, dark chocolate, stinky cheese and bitter greens, was my normal. 

When we eventually moved to back to Toronto, I was always ‘that’ kid—the one concocting homemade face masks, trying to apply them on any willing victim. 

Later on, my studies took me to graduate school in Los Angeles where I became actively involved in the wellness community. This was a time in my life when I was having some significant health issues—battling an eating disorder—and it was actually my work in the wellness world, as a vegan chef and eventually as a yoga teacher that helped bring me back to life. 

I used a lot of superfoods in my work as a chef and continued to make skincare masks, using superfoods of course. One of my clients was an aesthetician who was having excellent results using my skin products in her facials.

It was then that I had an ‘aha’ moment realizing the topical use and bioavailability of superfoods on the skin is visibly impactful. I saw an undiscovered niche in an otherwise cluttered skincare market. Fast forward to 2019, and today we make more than 20 face body and hair care products all inspired by work with superfoods!

My Must-Try Skincare Technique

While I was enjoying the beauty of the countryside and farm-to-table life as a kid, it was hard not to be influenced by the beauty of French women and how they cared for their skin. I was probably no older than five years old when my grandmother taught me her effleurage technique (sweeping the skin upwards), which she used to reverse gravity while cleansing and moisturizing her face, and this is still my go-to tried and true method to keep my complexion smooth and supple. 

Although there are a lot of great facial tools on the market to massage your face with, I find that the physical touch of your fingers is the most effective and therapeutic way for you to energize, lift and detoxify your face. Now not everybody has their grandma as their personal skin coach but here’s an easy way for you to try this at home yourself and save $100 on a Parisian facial. 

How to Harness The Power of Superfoods

The availability of nutrient-dense superfoods is more accessible than ever and I’d like to encourage you to roll up your sleeves, look in your pantry and get creative! Some of my fave, plant-powered superfoods that can be found in the kitchen are oatmeal, sunflower butter, matcha, turmeric, (coconut) yogurt, manuka honey, cacao, avocado, papaya and pineapple. I encourage you to mix up your own concoctions and take advantage of the ways superfoods can benefit not just your body, but your skin as well.

Interested in a little inspo for your DIY recipes? Check out this raspberry face mask and this soothing face mask. And don’t forget to grab your A Night For Green Beauty x WELL Summit ticket to meet Graydon in person!

About The Author

Graydon Moffat

Graydon Moffat

Fueled by her fascination with the alchemy of food, Graydon studied and worked in the culinary arts early in her career. After battling an eating disorder, she became deeply connected with the wellness world and her passions came together. Graydon worked as a yoga instructor, and a vegan chef, and began developing skincare remedies based on superfood ingredients for her clients. It was then that she had an ‘aha’ moment, realizing the impact of the topical use and bioavailability of superfoods on the skin. From there, Graydon Skincare was born, and has developed into the brand you see today!

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