Gina Bartasi (center) with the Kindbody team. Photo courtesy of Kindbody.
Gina Bartasi (center) with the Kindbody team. Photo courtesy of Kindbody.

Women We’re Watching: Gina Bartasi of Kindbody

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Gina Bartasi is the Founder and CEO of Kindbody, a fertility care company with a mission to change the face—and practices—of fertility treatment. With a proven track record as a serial entrepreneur, Gina is well-versed in fertility care; she founded Progyny, the first end-to-end fertility benefits provider and was the Founder & CEO of Fertility Authority, a leading suite of sites providing financing and support for IVF and egg freezing patients. Gina’s vision for changing how women receive treatment, her passion for treating patients with kindness and empathy and her mission to democratize fertility care make her a woman we’re watching.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with your personal journey, can you tell us where your passion for women’s fertility stems from and how you became interested in offering fertility services?

My passion for women’s fertility stems from a personal journey: I’m a mom of twin seven-year-old boys through IVF; my twin sister has twin 14-year-old girls through IVF; and, my husband’s twin brother has 8-year-old twins via IVF. The growth in the fertility industry is a direct ramification of macro-economic trends as more and more women wait to get married and wait to have children.


Is there a story behind the name Kindbody?

The name Kindbody is very intentional. We know that your mental health, your physical health and your reproductive health are all connected. Women often second-guess themselves and beat themselves up for making decisions; we want women to be kind to their bodies—to give themselves a break.


What did you envision Kindbody to be, and how do you hope it differs from traditional fertility treatments?

The vision for Kindbody is to be the leading women’s health brand in the country within the next five years. We believe the full spectrum of  women’s health needs should be tended to with care and kindness, including, but not limited to, fertility treatments. We also want to democratize care by bringing down costs and increasing accessibility. Today, fertility treatment remains too expensive for the vast majority of patients.


What myths around fertility are you hoping Kindbody dispels?

Many women believe that if they’re fit and take care of themselves, then they’re “fertile.” Fertility has to do with your age as much as anything else and today, we know too many women are waiting too long to seek help or take action. Our mission is to start the fertility conversation early with women, to educate them about their fertility and their options. Fertility does not need to be left to chance; you can be proactive to improve your outcomes in the future.


With women’s reproductive health being at the forefront of the November elections, it seems an ideal time to talk about claiming your health as your own. What do you hope women take into consideration when beginning their reproductive/fertility journey?

Women often struggle with insecurity, and my hope is that they’ll find confidence in seeing others be brave and take the step to educate themselves. Healthcare is moving in the direction of preventive care instead of reactive care, and our mission at Kindbody is to help more women become proactive about their fertility health too.


What has the feedback for Kindbody been like?

Overwhelming. Since August 1, we have done 639 AMH (a hormone in developing egg sacs that generally serves as a good indicator of ovarian reserve) tests at our mobile fertility pop-up events and have had thousands of women express interest in learning more. Here are a few quotes from patients that really resonated with me:

“As I went through my 20s and 30s, I asked doctor after doctor for information about fertility and was swiftly brushed aside. ‘You’re young. Try for a year first.’ If this is the level of care we’re being given, shouldn’t we at least consider something new? Something run by women?”

“I can’t tell you how many times I have started researching egg freezing and stopped because I was overwhelmed. This phone call was so helpful.”


How do you measure Kindbody’s success?

The success of any company is mostly about the employees. Are team members happy? Are they engaged? Are they challenged? If they’re happy, they’ll take extraordinary care of the customers; and, if we take extraordinary care of our customers, then our investors are very happy. When it comes to our patients, I think all women who go through treatment need to know that they’ll have success in whatever success looks like to them—it could mean adoption; it could mean living child-free; it could mean freezing your eggs and never using them. We simply want women to have options and live a life of no regrets.


If you could wave a magic wand and make an immediate change in the world right now, what would it be?

We’d have less contentious fighting between political parties.


You deal with a serious subject matter every day. How do you incorporate joy into your daily life?

It’s easy—my kids are the best (I realize every mom says that!).


What are some of your favorite wellness habits?

Some of my favorite habits are healthy eating, running, yoga and meditation.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to our readers to empower them to take control of their reproductivity and fertility?

Just ask a lot of questions and be your own advocate. If you receive differing viewpoints, ask again. And, ask women!


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