Women We’re Watching: Kelley Ireland-Kelly, Co-Founder + CMO of HATH CBD

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Women-founded businesses are on the rise—in 2018, women were starting 1,821 new U.S. businesses per day. We’ve been really impressed with many of those businesses in the wellness industry, especially as we see a rise in companies with female founders and co-founders who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge about retail and e-commerce to the table. Kelley Ireland-Kelly, co-founder and CMO of HATH CBD is one of them. She has more than 15 years of experience in the digital media and e-commerce. Most recently at Ralph Lauren, Kelley was responsible for managing the wholesale e-commerce business for North America, by driving sales and innovative, data-driven content and brand marketing strategies. We got to chat with the co-founder about how HATH is making waves in the crowded CBD industry, and what she’s hoping to do to impact the greater industry, in our latest Women We’re Watching interview.

The CBD market is huge—and still growing. What makes HATH different?

HATH is an innovative, new-to-market wellness brand that offers high-quality, easy-to-understand products to help manage the everyday pain, stress and anxiety associated with being human. The brand is leading the charge by properly educating the public on the benefits of hemp-CBD via our third party studies and clear product labels. Each product has an accessible QR code that will lead consumers to data and test results from third-party labs to ensure every consumer is educated when it comes to CBD consumption for everyday use. Through a range of efficacious hemp-CBD patches and capsules, HATH’s products are made to fit easily into a daily routine and meet the needs of an active lifestyle.

I love that you have a QR code on each package so customers can see the third-party quality report for that product. Why did you take that extra step?

The CBD space is confusing for consumers and there’s a lack of law and order when it comes to regulation. With the recent boom of new brands coming to market, it was really important for us at HATH to stand apart and create a fully transparent brand, showcasing exactly what’s in our products via the third-party testing to reassure consumers they are getting exactly what they want and need. Not only do we offer the lab results for our consumers to tap, but we also created a cover page, outlining all the details of the lab results so it’s easy to read and easy to digest.

Your products are labeled as containing “full-spectrum hemp extract.” Tell us about how that contains CBD, and why full-spectrum is important.

HATH’s products are made up of a genuine, full-spectrum hemp extract, which works in combination with all other cannabinoids to provide non-psychoactive results which is what makes HATH’s products so effective.

You co-founded HATH after a career in editorial, from being an on-air fashion reporter for the Sundance Channel, to creating content strategy at Ralph Lauren. What made you ready to change direction and how has being the CMO of a start-up changed your day-to-day?

In the midst of juggling a demanding career, motherhood and postpartum depression, I discovered CBD as a natural solution to ease my everyday (mental and physical) aches and pains. From my personal experiences with CBD, I began researching the ingredient and talking to every expert in the field. It just so happened that my neighbor at the time, Jason Provost (co-founder and CEO of HATH) worked in the cannabis space—and we began conceptualizing HATH.

What does 360-degree wellness look like in your life?

360-degree wellness in my life is when my mind and body are free of any pain and I can do the things I need to have a fulfilling day. It really depends on what my focus is for the day. If I’m with my kids, I not only want to be able to run around and play with them, but I also want to be a superwoman and role model so they feel secure. I’ve learned from my stressful career in editorial and fashion, then becoming an entrepreneur without any security net, that to do a great job, I need mental clarity and for this, I need to keep my anxieties at bay.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about HATH and CBD?

HATH provides an easy and efficient way for people to “start feeling better” by offering a range of full-spectrum hemp-CBD patches and capsules that can easily fit into your daily routine and meet the needs of your lifestyle. The natural hemp-CBD ingredient has some astounding healing powers that helps with inflammation, muscle soreness and general aches and pains. Our product range is so powerful, it works in a unique way that can help with pain management—with the goal to decrease the need for opioids and other types of synthetic painkillers.

As part of HATH’s mission to educate consumers and offer fully-transparent packaging, we have a prestigious medical board, which includes notable surgeons and anesthesiologists from the Hospital for Special Surgery. Independently, they work with us, trialing HATH products, specifically our ​HATH 24-Hour Patch​, on patients post-op, with the objective to lessen the need for prescription opioids. From our medical board, we’ve been able to gain unique insights to help us continue creating efficacious products.

In terms of CBD as a whole, I want people to know that it’s not a “cure all,” or “one-dose-fits all” ingredient. It really depends on the person and how their body chemistry works with CBD.

If you had a magic wand and could change one thing about the world, what would you change and why?

Tough to say one thing as everything feels like it’s spinning a bit, but we are failing our children across the world. The lack of protection, education and empathy makes it incredibly hard to keep up with the news. I would change the prioritization of our lawmakers and corporations to invest in children first.

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Nicolle Mackinnon

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