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Boston Bosses: Meet Quiana Agbai of Harlem Love Birds and Trifecta Media Group

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Balanced Hustle is launching a monthly panel series for bad-ass entrepreneurial woman who want to connect and meet like-minded people. We’re digging deeper than traditional networking events and connecting a strong community of Boston women. Each week, we will be featuring Boston Bosses in the community and asking the hard questions and getting insights that will help you succeed.

Quiana Agbai resides in Boston with her husband and two children ages 5 and 9. She has been covering urban family life on her blog Harlem Lovebirds since 2009. With eight years of both ad agency and client-side experience, in 2014, Quiana took a leap of faith launching Trifecta Media Group, a marketing, public relations, and graphic design firm with her sisters. TMG caters to start-up companies spanning industries such as health and wellness, entertainment, and technology allowing Quiana and her sisters to use their agency expertise to champion their goals. Additionally, through Quiana’s blog and experience as an entrepreneur she has been able to speak at social media conferences such as BlogHer, Blogalicious, Mom 2.0, and Altitude Summit covering topics including privacy, using social media for social change, and using one’s blog to pivot to other business opportunities. Quiana is a Toastmaster, the Community Outreach Lead for the Boston chapter of Moms Demand Action and is involved with many community organizations as well.

How many years have you been in business?


What is the problem you’re solving?

Trifecta Media Group brings marketing, graphic design and PR services to small business owners.

Who’s your customer?

Small business owners, typically side-hustlers who are looking to grow their businesses.

Why are you different? What sets you apart?

With agency and client background, my two co-founders, who are also my sisters, bring high profile expertise scaled down in an affordable and approachable format to small business owners. It’s so daunting for small business owners to seek out each of of the services we provide, but consolidated it’s so much easier for them to access. I’ve found it helps to see yourself in your clients – as small business owners ourselves we find solidarity in that we’re in the entrepreneurship journey together!

What is your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge is that I’m also balancing being a mom – my kids are my most demanding “clients,” and as they’ve grown I’ve found more comfort in expanding my business. I have strong memories of my mom being there for me as a small child and I appreciate that I can do that for them. They’re my why. My best advice: stand strong in your why.

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

One of the best pieces of advice that has continued to guide me is to live open-handedly, meaning don’t hold everything so close to your chest that it keeps you from sharing with anyone else. Harriette Cole explained in this in her keynote at the very first Blogalicious conference I attended in 2012. This isn’t an excuse to let people take advantage of you, but instead to be a support and resource to others. I’ve found the more I’ve done this, the more opportunities come my way.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

I would advise aspiring entrepreneurs to get from behind their screens as much as possible. Face time is so important and included in this is developing your public speaking skills. It’s the #1 human fear and to be able to overcome it will set you so far apart and help your business tremendously. I advise everyone to join Toastmasters even just to visit a club!

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