Photo courtesy of @devibrown.
Photo courtesy of @devibrown.

The 5 Crystals You Should Use to Start Your Personal Collection, Says Gwyneth-Approved Crystal Author

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With the increasing popularity of crystals in the wellness world, it can be overwhelming to consider how to start your own collection. How do you choose those first crystals to begin your healing journey? We spoke with Devi Brown, successful radio personality, advocate for the women’s community, and loving wife, entrepreneur and philanthropist, and In Goop Health speaker. After becoming one of the youngest female music directors in radio, Devi found meditation and spirituality as important ways to cope with stress. She recently published her first book, Crystal Bliss: Attract Love. Feed Your Spirt. Manifest Your Dreams., a guide to healing crystals with advice for selecting, preparing and using crystals for meditation and energy healing. Her expertise inspired us and we chatted with her about the best way to develop your own crystal collection at home.

The 5 Crystals You Should Use to Start Your Personal Collection

“Starting your collection is such a fun experience,” says Devi. “One of my favorite things to do is go on crystal ‘hunts’ when I travel to new cities and countries. I find little shops to walk into or take the adventure up a notch and going to the mines themselves! I love picking up crystals with my bare hands to feel their energy and getting pulled in by their colors as I gaze at their facets intently. It’s almost meditative how you can get lost while staring at their beauty.”

So what five crystals does your collection need? Here are Devi’s top picks.

1. Citrine for Confidence

Citrine can help connect you with your life’s purpose by guiding you toward new opportunities and empowering you to stay open (mentally and emotionally) in times of difficulty. Citrine also provides great confidence and reminds you of the power in your personal will. This stone is useful for personal and professional goals. When using citrine, be prepared to shed the version of yourself that you have outgrown. At various moments in our lives, we experience a certain type of restlessness or frustration that lets us know it’s time to level up. Much like when clothes get too small, the skin we are in starts to feel a size too small. Citrine helps point you toward the more evolved version of yourself.

What it looks like: Bright honey to deep burnt orange.

Where to use it: Keep it at work or wear it as jewelry on important occasions. Place citrine in your safe, cash box or wallet for added wealth and prosperity. Citrine can be helpful to those experiencing nightmares or insomnia if placed under the bed or your pillow.

 Mantra to repeat when using it: I am confidently growing into my purpose.

2.  Clear Quartz for Balance

One of the easiest crystals to find, clear quartz helps balance energy, enhance focus, and bring clarity to its user. This is an amplifier stone, which means that it will amplify any energy or intention that it is around and connects with. For this reason, it is great to use in conjunction with other stones in your collection and a wonderful meditation tool. Though clear quartz does not store negative energy, because it is an amplifier crys- tal and a powerful conduit of energy, it is important that you charge and cleanse it regularly. I keep pieces of this on hand and sprinkled throughout many of the rooms of my home.

What it looks like: Colorless. Can also be cloudy or clear and glasslike.

Where to use it: Can be used anywhere and everywhere. Keep it prominently displayed on your desk or in your office for stimulating clear thinking, focus, and clarity while working. Since clear quartz is a purifier of energy, it can be beneficial to place it in high-traffic areas of the home, like your entryway or living room.

 Mantra to repeat when using it: I share my light with others and I attract their light in return.

3. Green Aventurine for Adventure

Green aventurine encourages feelings of vitality and a certain zest for liv- ing. It’s an excellent stone for navigating obstacles as it helps you see them as opportunities for personal growth. I’ve noticed that when I carry green aventurine, I encounter a lot of spontaneous luck, like finding good parking spots and coins on the street.

What it looks like: Ranges from a cloudy seafoam green to bright apple green. This crystal often has iridescent, metallic-colored inclusions made up of other minerals and usually has a sparkly quality to its appearance.

Where to use it: Excellent stone to wear as jewelry or to keep in areas where spontaneous good luck is needed. For example, keep a tumbled piece of aventurine in your car for good luck when looking for parking or trying to avoid traffic. With its ability to dissolve anger and stress, this crystal is good for use in the home where a lighthearted energy is needed, like the family room.

 Mantra to repeat when using it: I encounter the best possible outcomes in all situations I face.

4. Black Tourmaline for Protection

Black tourmaline can be very beneficial as a tool for grounding yourself and purifying the energy around you. This crystal is especially helpful to those who spend time in lots of public spaces, in the public eye or high-traffic work environments because it helps protect you from absorbing other people’s energy, specifically those who may not wish you well. This is a crystal I often share with friends as a gift.

What it looks like: Deep black and often rectangular in shape.

Where to use it: Place by your front door at home and work. Because this stone is an excellent repellent for negative energy and psychic attacks (which can be as simple as ill thoughts from those who do not wish you well), it’s best to keep black tourmaline with you as you travel and when you are around large crowds of people, like at shopping malls, speaking engagements and events. Also keep it near when you find yourself experiencing challenging environments or circumstances.

 Mantra to repeat when using it: I am fully protected and unmoved by any negative energy that is aimed at me.

5. Lapis Lazuli for Inner Vision

This stone is all about deep spiritual growth, standing in one’s truth, integrity, and compassionate leadership. Lapis lazuli is also a wonderful tool for growing the relationships in your life, as it encourages truthful communication and understanding. Working with this crystal enhances your intuition and encourages you to delve deeply into your innermost emotions and thoughts. Using lapis lazuli will help you access your inner vision—that is, your divinely wise knowledge of self and your place in your relationships and the world. I love keeping this crystal near when I am journaling and meditating because of its connection to the third eye.

What it looks like: A beautiful intense cobalt blue, often found with golden flecks of color throughout.

Where to use it: Keep this crystal at home, preferably in the areas you meditate and the living room.

 Mantra to repeat when using it: In all moments, I choose to stand in my truth and act as my highest self.

Excerpted from Crystal Bliss: Attract Love. Feed Your Spirt. Manifest Your Dreams. Copyright © 2017 by Devi Brown.

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